March 13, 2022

10 Amazing thing you should buy in 2022

LED laptop monitor lights

we are on the topic of laptops, check out these LED laptop monitor lights. I wanted to buy and try these before I recommended them. They’re five bucks.

I was impressed to see that these are two tone adjustable lights, and I was also surprised to learn that these are rechargeable. So there is that portability factor.

Webcam blocking

In the first spot, it’s a three pack of webcam blockers These are stick and slide webcam blockers for peace of mind and great for any piece of tech where you need to implement that additional level of privacy.

It would work with both a webcam or a laptop where the webcam’s built in.

Bracelate with charging cable

Say hello to my brand new bracelet. It’s a bracelet with a built-in USBC or lightning charge connector. So there’s an iPhone and an Android version.

I opted to buy the Apple version. And for all of those moments where you need to charge a device and you forgot your cable, whether you’re at school, work, or on the go, and great for road trips or travel and for all those times I’ve realized I don’t have the correct cable when I’m in a hotel, this is a great thing that you can wear and take with you.

Qi enabled charger

If wireless charging is more your jam, Five Below has a huge focus on Qi enabled chargers right now for 10 bucks. Many different design options and styles.

And if you are looking for that perfect wireless multi charger for your nightstand, an office or a countertop, for 10 bucks, check out the three-in-one wireless charging stand right here.

I wanted to buy and try this again before I recommend it. this enables you to charge a smartphone, a pair of wireless earbuds, and then an additional device of your choice. It performs exactly as promised, way cheaper than the comparable options available on Amazon right now. I charged both my AirPods, my wife’s AirPods, and my smartphone all simultaneously, and it was a successful experience.

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Best robotic Vacume cleaner

First, I saw a robovac advertised at Five Below for 20 bucks. If that price attached to an actual robovac is not shocking enough, I was equally flabbergasted to see a glittery $20 price tag at Five Below staring at me in the face, so you can bet I bought this product.

I was very intrigued. Now, this robovac, let’s be honest here, it’s a bare-bones robovac. There’s no wifi, there’s no remote control. It’s just a power switch. But it does have a 30-minute run time which is half of what a $200 robovac will give you.

And since it’s advertised of being able to vacuum both hardwood floor and tile, I decided to put it to the test with some coffee grounds. It did quite well. Now, while the manufacturer does not advertise this is carpet ready, I did give it a shot. It’s definitely better on harder surfaces.

I would recommend this for a smaller apartment, a dorm if you’re on an extremely tight budget or if you have a small home office. This does pick dirt up as it promises, but it is as bare bones as can be. But again, it’s a robovac and it’s $20.

smart led alarm clock

It’s an LED alarm clock with a wireless charger for 10 bucks. And yes, everything this February 2022 at Five Below has a wireless charger built in.

We should start a drinking game of how many times I get to say wireless charger in this video. As I unboxed this, I was impressed by how nice the big LED display is.

And in addition to functioning as an alarm clock with an auto dimming display, it has a fast charged pad for your smartphone. I charged up my earphones with no issue. And again, just 10 bucks. If you were not aware, you can score some really solid smart bulbs at Five Below for $8.

cargo net organizer

it’s a cargo net organizer. This hangs between both headrests so you can easily contain any of your essentials which is what I was able to do in my car.

I did buy this as well. This could be used for grocery or a warehouse club runs. You could also use it to contain emergency supplies. Different ways to make this work great for long road trips as well. Speaking of long road trips,

car pop up bin

the car pop up bin that you see right here hangs from the back of a headrest as well. It’s seven bucks. I wanted to buy this because I like the concept. It’s collapsible.

This would be great if you have kids, messy eaters. Just me coz I’m kind of messy as I’m told. Different ways to integrate this.

rear view smartphone mount

There’s also a rear view smartphone mount. And I don’t think I’ve ever really seen just like this.

If you do not have a built-in GPS or you wanna use navigation from your smartphone, which is often better than what comes built into your car,

this positions under your rear view mirror so you can more easily hear the alerts or when it’s safe to do so, look at the map. Now I don’t believe I’ve said the word charger in at least two minutes.

Glass Braker

It’s a dual car charger and glass breaker for five bucks. Also a very intelligent product. The dual charger would work great with virtually any device that you need to power via USB.

But the tip is also capable of breaking a car window in the event of a rollover or emergency. And for those of you still playing the Five Below charger drinking game, take a sip because the next product is a passenger car charger clip for five bucks.

This brings four charge ports to your car, two in the front and two in the back.

Foot massager for home

this foot massager for five bucks looks like an abacus, but this is something that could sit under a desk or at the foot of an easy chair or the couch.

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