Best Angle grinder stand for wood cutting India 2020

Best Angle grinder stand cutting machine India 2020

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  • Electric Angle Grinder Stand Angle Cutter
  • Support Bracket Holder Stand Dock Cast Iron Base.
  • Angle Grinder is not Include.
  • Easy in cutting and shaping wood
  • light in waight easy to port
  • Adjustable in cutiing in triangle shape
  • Good fiting  griender handle
  • Best Angle grinder stand cutting machine India 2020

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Best Angle grinder stand cutting machine India 2020

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topic- Best Angle grinder stand for wood cutting India 2020

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Angle grinder stand for wood cutting review


Best Angle grinder stand cutting machine. I like the weight . it seems robust. But  see what it contains, how it behaves and how it seems to us to use it.  I chose the blue one because from the description, color and thickness of the materials it seemed to me superior to many others.

what angle grinder  Pack contains ?

Customer image

This looks nice within the Pack. This is quite heavy and robust. if we press button The noise is because there are parts in movement. It has a thickness of 5 mm. It is heavy and already gives me a good impression. Once the main part has been fixed, we can move on to the stirr ups lateral, which will then hold, the grinder attached to the main support.


It will be unscrewed and then, It will have to be fixed on this side. From this other part, and there is this shaped shape that must fit with these. So yes they position correctly. From here and should be blocked on this side. And at this point we can start giving the temporary form to support.

How it behaves

Customer image

We do not squeeze much because we need to adjust both the distance and the orientation of the holes, in low to the grinder. These are spacers and one must be put on upper part and one part low.


They have a part that has the form of a bolt … on this side then the housing. And it fits. At the end, there will go the rubber that will have to support and vibration of the our angle grinder. In both, once mounted, it will go this way.


Insert all The grommets in the various supports … and is upports, temporarily on the bracket main, let’s insert the clamp stop. this is the mounted mount. Sllora boys … it must be said that the instructions, It is also necessary to have a good one intuition for montarl.

how it seems to us to use it ?

Customer image

It is intuitive. Actually it is not very difficult. Anyway  this must be positioned in this way and you have to fit together, the original holes for the entrance of the handle grip of the grinder, with the holes of the of the support.


This can be done by doing rotate forward and backward these screws, which are the ones they will tighten the grinder. This in the lower part and this in the high part. So, once positioned, you will receive orientation by tilting In the correct way. So approximately,


I place it in the so that it seems more correct, matching this hole with the grip hole. We see the threading through, so they are sure in this way, we are practically almost perfectly oriented. I fix it temporarily. Ok, I repeat this way.


Threading, obviously, of the bolt, it is the same as that there is on the “standard” handle of all the angle grinders. Now we have our angle grinder, free to move. To prevent this movement, simply adjust these nuts.


Thus it hangs. To do this regulation, at the end of this pin there is the shape to use theAllen key supplied. This shaped part, with the inclination, will go down. I’ve got it by mistake put it up, so now you’ll invert it. ok … I inverted the grommets, so to have a good support.


Now I adjust the distance of these supports, that a little while ago I left on purposelenses. So I approach them and make sure that tighten the body of the grinder perfectly. I make a quick adjustment. Then everything will be corrected again,before putting it into operation. Because it goes done a setup in this tool to do it go well. Then, we can put the handle.


The movement that will do oncefinished, it will be this. In this case, as you see, go toslam on the support. The two allen screws placed on the back, and that I have not yet tight, will allow us to do slide the support sideways, to adjust it to fit ours grinder. So, we are sure it will be in the center … now I can tighten. Ok!


We fixed it and adjusted it approximately 90 degre This, if desired, could be moved also this way. Both for the orientation of the morse and both because lowering it, it should inevitably slam. So, if you want you could put it here. Using this as a sleigh. Almost almost the groom here.


The protection must be inserted making it block here. Here’s how it will look, then, once mounted. This is the handle to lower it. And this is a spring, which obviously will bring back the support in its position.


For those wishing to use the electric grinder, it could simply put this supporton the back, then lock the cord to prevent it from going in front of cutting. Now I put it in function and let’s see how it goes. The blade cover is not perfectly straight, so it must be adjusted. Some accommodations must be made Obviously for our safety.


Ok let’s proceed with the cut ofthis rod and let’s see if he can cut it well. He executed the cut perfectly. Sorry if it’s not very clean. It is to be regulated and there is to do the setup of the cuts at 90 degrees … but it is very simple intervene on the regulation. therethese are the vines we were talking about a while ago.


we tried with the angular grinder with battery and now let’s try with the electric one. Let’s see the difference. Obviously it cuts well with the one with the battery, which electric current grinder.


Obviously, the current one has benefited electric, because it does not go under stress. it’s an economic product, but it allows you to hurry up because you will make cuts,simply by pressing. Support is It was easy to assemble and I tried itboth with the current grinder electric and battery operated.


With both it worked well. Has cut our 10 mm rodwithout difficulties. Obviously, then it depends also from which instrument used for make the cuts. Now I leave you the link indescription, and if you want to buy it you know where to buy it.


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