Best boat airdopes 201 bluetooth headset india 2020

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Best boat airdopes 201 bluetooth headset india 2020

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  • Plug Into Nirvana with Airdopes 201 and
  • experience the immersive audio in a true wireless way
  •  instant connectivity using the latest Bluetooth V5.0
  • Its earbuds offer a playback time of up to 3 hours
  • An additional 12 hours of playtime with charge case
  • It is equipped with easy access integrated controls
  • Sleek and minimalistic design of Airdopes 201
  • Vibe to look forward to and its ergonomic lightweight
  • Secure fit helps one enjoy that vibe in a carefree manner
  • It supports mono as well as stereo calling feature             

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Best boat airdopes 201 bluetooth headset india 2020

topic- Best boat airdopes 201 bluetooth headset india 2020

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boAt Airdopes 201 True Wireless Earbuds

  • Up to 15H Total Playback,
  • IPX4 Water Resistance,
  • Secure Fit Earhooks,
  • Immersive Audio
  • BT V5.0(Active Black)

The pristine the journey of your life is here to begin, as you ride through the highest waves of Nirvana on your boat airdopes 201 bluetooth headset.

Just connect to the magic with Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity that runs for up to 3 hours of charge at a time.

The immersive audio is built to help you experience the unreal, as you get to witness the sound .

The lightweight design is made to take on a hurricane with its minimalistic design.

Keep the earbuds in the 470 mAh charging case as you carry your style along with your music that allows for an additional playtime of up to 12 hours.

The minimalistic boat airdopes 201 bluetooth headset design with earhooks and the easy access integrated controls for a superior user experience add to its tally for being an amazing pair of TWS earbuds.

It is IPX4 rated to offer protection against sweat or water troubles while you stay plugged into your sound. Activate voice assistant with just a single press and play the game your way with .

Boat head is not supposed to be an insult. Inside the box, you get a warranty card which is printed by someone who makes business cards.

Then you get a manual, You get a USB Cable For charging, a manual explaining different functions, some extra ear tips of different sizes, and then you finally get to the case itself containing the earbuds.

The case of the Air Does actually doesn’t feel cheap, it has a nice matte finish that feels nice to touch, and even though there are some inconsistencies in the shade of pink on the inside and outside of the case, it still looks good. boat airdopes 201 bluetooth headset charges via Micro USB, but that’s alright at this price point.

The shape of the earbuds is also pretty good, we again have some differences in the shade of pink but it’s not a big issue, and you can of course go for other colors like Blue or the good old black.

Both the case and earbuds have LEDs to indicate their status and charging level, so that is nice to see. They are big in size, but their shape is nice,and we can able to wear them comfortably.

You can single press the single multi function on the side button to play pause, double press the left and right earbuds button to change tracks, and you can long press it to launch google assistant.

It’s big and easy to press so it is a nice design. It does connect to your device quickly with its Bluetooth 5.0, but one weird issue I noticed with it is that if you pair it to a new device, only one of the earbuds will connect, and then to solve this, you have to put it back in case, and take it out again, and then it works properly.

They’ve also mentioned this in the manual, and it’s not a big deal as it only happens once when you pair to a new device,but this is a problem that none of my other true wireless earphones have.

The battery life in the manual is mentioned to be 3 hours, but I tested this multiple times, and it is actually 4.5 hours, so that’s a very interesting case where the battery life is actually more than the company advertises.

With the case I was able to charge these twice completely so you should get around 15 hours of playtime which is great.

They also have an IPX4 water resistance rating which means that they are protected from splashes of water, which is nice to see at this price.

Also make sure that you’re subscribed to the channel because I’ll be making a quick comparison video between these and the Redmi EarbudS.

This is a microphone test for the Boar Airdrop 171, and even though the voice doesn’t have a lot of low end, it is still clear, so that’s great to see, it is kind of similar to the competition in this range, but being as good as competition is still a good thing.

The sound quality on these is actually better than I was expecting, and it is what I would consider ‘Pretty Good’ at this price. So they do have a V shaped sound signature,but it’s not done in a bad way like on the Realme buds Q.

The bass does extend low, and it sounds nice for the price, and overall they do have a complete sound that won’t let you feel that you’re missing out on any part of the listening experience.

The treble is boosted, but not by much, soyou could try reducing it by 2 or 3 decibels with EQ to get a better sound, but even without using equalizer they manage to sound nice.

Just for reference these sound better than Redmi Earbuds, because they have a deeper extension in bass, and even though I like the smoother highs on Redmi Earbuds, you can achieve that on these with EQ, and overallI think that these have a significantly better sound. And the soundstage is also nice.

They don’t have a gaming mode like some of their competition, but personally I don’t care about that a lot as it doesn’t work perfectly in the earbuds that have it.

So in conclusion, despite some flaws with these earphones with the connectivity, I would still recommend them, especially because the competing products like Redmi earbuds don’t sound as good and realme buds have other issues in addition to a very unbalanced sound.

The connectivity issues also aren’t as bad as it may seem with my video, but I have to talk about them for a proper review. You could spend 700 Rs. more and get OppoEnco W11, which will be way better, but if you are limited in this budget, the Boat Airdopes171 will be a good choice, which I have not been able to say for the Redmi and Realmebuds.

So that was it for this video, I don’t have anything against Boat, but I am slightly surprised that this is a good product that I can recommend,especially over other competing earbuds.

Even after all the advertising and celebrity endorsements, they were able to make a product that is better than the competition, so good for them.

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