Best Chimney Starter for lighting the Charcoal india 2020

Best Chimney Starter for lighting the Charcoal india 2020


  • Material:Metal, Color:Black
  • Package Contents:1-Piece Charcoal Starter
  • Material:Iron, color:Black
  • Fill the chimey with coal and place on the gas stove,
  • In a matter of minutes the coals will be red hot,
  • Cuts down the amount of time it takes for the coals to get ready
  • The wooden handle shields against heat,
  • So very easy to carry and pour coat into your barbeque
  • It lights coals in under 5 minutes
  • This chimney starter is perfect for the griller 
  • Best Chimney Starter for lighting the Charcoal india 2020


Best Chimney Starter for lighting the Charcoal india 2020

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Chimney Starter for lighting the Charcoal

How to use chimney starter

Here we are we’re going to talk about one of the essential tools for a charcoal BBQ, the chimney starter.

Available in 2 sizes, this is the larger size for the larger BBQs, this is a 57 cm Master Touch BBQ.

so what you do to light your BBQ; youremove your cooking grate and hook it on the side of the BBQ like that. And then if you put your chimnet starter actuallyon the lower grate.

I always recommend lighting these in the bottomof the BBQ ‘cos it’s designed for hot things and when you pour some fuel in there any dust will stay in the bottom of the BBQ.

So, people don’t often know this is the wayto control heat as well, so if you put the right amount of fuel in you get the rightamount in your BBQ.

With the 57 charcoal like this, if you go flush with the top, you’ll get on an average day, which this really isn’t, but on an average day you’ll get roundabout 250C of heat.

And if you go halfway between the top holeand the top of the chimney, so about three-quarter mark, you’ll get roughly 180 – 200 degrees. If you pour the fuel in I’ll get the lightercubes.

So we’re pouring in the Weber 3 hour briquettes. And I’m just grabbing 2 of the little lightercubes, you get 24 in a pack, you can use 2 per light.

That should do, it’s about three-quarters. So if you just want to come in and look atwhat level that is.

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Now we’re going to take the 2 little lighter cubes, place those on the bottom grate, and using the lighter, we’ll just light the lightercubes, funnily enough, but we’ll light those.

And then once they’ve caught, pop that chimneyover the top. 25 minutes, we’ll come back, that’ll be goodto go and we’ll pour it out. The other chimney starter is a small one isn’tit? Yes, for the portable BBQs,

the Go Anywhere,the Smokey Joe’s and also the very, very small smoker. When people are selecting the amount of fuelthey put in should they take into consideration how hot a day it is?

‘Cos this BBQ’s already quite warm. If it’s a hot dry day, still day with nota lot of breeze, just a few less, just drop it down a little bit. If it’s a cold wet windy day, just a littlebit higher.

read more : Best Chimney Starter for lighting the Charcoal india 2020

But if you use your BBQ regularly you’ll kindaget a sense of how much fuel you’ll need. So the chimney starter’s all the way to thetop lit, the coal’s are glowing and white on the outside, and it’s time to pour themout. So if I lift this up,

we’ll show a few things,so if you just want to bring those baskets together. I’ll just be careful with your hand. So there’s 2 handles on here, 2 handles, 2hands, so if you pour these out into the char baskets.

Tip these out. This is what you would have; if you were usingthe Gourmet Barbecue System sear grate where the disc’s in the centre, you’d have yourfuel in the centre. But then if you were going to roast.

If you were roasting you’d move them to oneside like so; that gives you your indirect cooking. This is hot, OK, so simplest thing to do withthis is if you’re on a lawn or something, you don’t want to put it on the grass,

justput it on it’s side and it will sit nicely on that lower shelf. And all you would do really once the fuelwas in, put your cooking grate in. It is always essential to pre-heat your cookinggrate.

It is So, that goes in there, Gourmet System discin the middle, if you close the lid, top vent open and the bottom vent open.

And then you pre-heat that, burn off the cooking grate for the last time, give it a scrub with a wire brush and away you go, and that is lighting your charcoal BBQ.


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