Best Cordless Screwdriver Set in India 2020 Review

Best Cordless Screwdriver in india 2020

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  • screwdrivers cordless has 1200 mAh,1500mAh Battery Capacity;
  • cordless Drill – 10mm Steel, 15mm Wood;
  • RPM 0-350 and 0-1350 
  • Powerful Clutch and 1 Position best Electric Drill & screwdrivers
  • Provides precise control for drilling into wood
  • Metal, plastic and all cordless screw driving tasks
  • Max drilling capacity is 20mm (13/16”) for wood,
  • Max drilling capacity 10mm (3/8″) for metal
  • LED Light is suitable for working in the dark.
  • Power indicator display battery power,
  • Reversing putter button to operate by one hand
  • Drilling into wood, metal plastic, concrete, bricks and all
  • 5 masonry and 13 HSS bits provided in combo

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Best electric Cordless screwdriver in india 2021

topic-best Cordless Screwdriver for home use in india 2020

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Cheston aim to manufacture the best products (cordless Screwdriver)  that inspire our consumers to live a more convenient, secure lifestyle we have our professional products



  • capacity: 1200mah/ 1500mah
  • charging time: 1 hour battery pack
  • cycle life: 250 cycles no
  • load speed:0-600 chuck
  • size:0-10mm(0-3/8”) max drilling
  • capacity: 20mm(13/16”)for wood, 10mm(3/8″) for metal
  • clutch positions: 19+1 work light 


Monitoring team to focus on every single detail that matters to you and develop well-made, portable, exquisite products Best electric Cordless screwdriver in india 2021 is great for a variety of home projects, with its lithium-ion battery pack,

User comfort

Powerful high-performance motor, inside a compact lightweight design that makes Best Cordless Screwdriver  improves user comfort

especially when working in tight spaces over long run times cordless Screwdriver 240 v wide voltage charger can withstand the instability of the voltage or sudden change. best cordles screwdriver machine for working long run.

Powerful speed and torque

With wood, brick, metal and all other driving needs speed and torque 2 * speed transmission for screw driving and drilling variable speed(0-350 and 0-1350 rpm) for great torque,

for a wide range of drilling, driving applications, fast screwing 19+1 position clutch prevents stripping and over driving screws a 19 position

Grip design 

Clutch provides precise control for drilling into wood, metal, plastic, and all screw driving tasks 1 gear of drill is ideal for drilling.

The electric  screwdriver & drill is equipped with integrated led lights to provide optimal lighting for dark working areas. The indicator light shows the real-time power of the battery.

Wide application

Cheston cordless screwdriver & drill set features a compact lightweight design and rubberized handle gives pleased grip. Great for working with wood, brick, metal and all other driving needs.

What is inside of the screwdriver 


It has a brushless motor and two gears which can be switched with the selector located on the top of the tool.

It’s two rings in the front of the drill. One may set the working mode with the first one, namely:

  • impact drilling,
  • drilling and
  • screw driving.

The second ring is to preset the torque limitation (with clutch) when the screwdriving mode is chosen with the first ring. Keyless chuck with plastic cover which allow to mount the bits with shank diameter up to 10 mm.

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Under the chuck there is a work light. It is pretty strong. However it sometimes affects the battery level indicator reading.

It is worth noting that it does not turn off immediately after releasing the trigger, and remains lit for a few seconds.

On one side there is a three-diode battery level indicator  which lights up for a moment after starting the tool. The rotational direction switch is located nearby. Below one finds the trigger that starts the combi drill driver and allows to control rotational speed.

The device is very light, with a 2Ah battery the weight is just over a kilogram,. Compare the tool with another cordless drill driver – .

A characteristic feature of the latter model is the possibility of mounting various adapters to facilitate work, especially in hard-to-reach places.

The disassembly of the drill chuck makes it much smaller, although then we only have a hexagonal chuck. The technical specs difference you may find in the following table,

the consecutive rows are as follows: torque, max rotational speed for the 1st gear, max rotational speed for the 2nd gear, length, height, width, weight].



The 5 tests of screw driving in the pine scantlings

(T1 – carpentry screw 5×70;
T2.1 – carpentry screw 8 x 120,
T2.2 – carpentry screw 8 x 260,
T3.1 – wood screw 8 x 120,
T3.2 – wood screw 10 x 200).

The 3 tests of drilling into the pine scantlings (70 mm thick) with: twist drill bit (8mm), spade drill bit (25 mm),

Irwin Bluegroove auger drill bit (32 mm). The equipment is the same as always for carpentry screws and smaller wood screw

I have used the Parkside’s bits and for large wood screw I have used the Milwaukee’s adapter and the HiKoKi’s socket.

The drill bits used in the tests are as follows: the Universal’s twist drill bit, the Yato’s spade drill bit and the Irwin’s auger drill bit. The fully charged 2Ah battery was used for tests.

Smallest 5 x 70 screw, no problems. Similarly, there was no problem with 8 x 120 Carpenter’s Screw. Even the 8 x 260 screw was screwed in without any problems.

The 8 x 120 wood screw was fully screwed in. The 8 x 200 wood screw, as in the previous cases, caused a lot of problems.

It was possible to screw it in the depth of approx. 110 mm. Then the combi drilled stopped, signaling overload with alternately flashing LEDs.

When it comes to drilling, a twist drill hole was not a problem. It took much longer to drill a 20 mm hole. If the drill bit did not retract in time to get rid of the chips from the hole, the drill driver would stop.

However, here it was felt that we were reaching the limits of the tool. Harder wood or a knot in the way of the screw and perhaps the attempt would not be successful.

The second series of additional tests concerns the 10 x 200 wood screw. This time I will try to screw it in by drilling a pilot hole with an long twist drill with a diameter of 8 mm.

First attempt with a 2Ah battery attached. The result is better than without a pilot hole.

The tool is able to cope with really difficult tasks, even driving 8 x 260, 10 x 220 carpentry screws or 10 x 260 in favorable conditions. It seems to me that this is definitely more than you would expect from a 12v tool.


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