Best cloth mask online India 2021

Best cloth mask online India 2021


  • This masks are  Washable you can reuse it.
  • Pack of 7 – cloth mask with assorted colors and prints.
  • Made of 100% cotton, non-toxic, non-irritating, soft and comfortable.
  • Some masks have liquid ammonia finish, which give them a silky feel.
  • It’s a reusable & washable and breathable masks for lasting comfort.
  • Wash instruction: please remove the filler before washing.
  • Wash with detergent in a washing machine and dry in sunlight.
  • There is slit in the masks in one of the foldings, that allows you to remove the non-woven filter.

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Best cloth mask online India 2021

topic-Best cloth mask online India 2021

Mediweaves Face masks are made with quality cotton fabric which is soft breathable and washable. These masks are made from multi-layers of fabric material, making them soft on the skin and easy to breath through. You can wash and reuse your mask over and over again. Throw it in your clothes washer and it will wash up nicely.

A range of color that helps you break out of the monotony of wearing the same mask day in and day out. More importantly they are washable and reusable which makes them Eco friendly compared to the single use masks
The masks are double layered with good soft fabric and very comfortable to wear for long periods. The size too is perfect without having to tug and adjust.

About cloth mask online

It is reusable cotton fabric mask

Comfortable in breathing there is no problem in taking breath

It do not irritate when applying it long as it is made with streachable ear loops

It protect you not only virus but also from dust.

wearing mask create problems for most of you but it is very comfortable mask.


Mask are made by 100 % of cotton which makes it unique in terms of fabric , with speciality finishes like liquid ammonia. company gives their mask comfort of cotton while giving it the silkiness of polyster.

Reusable face mask 

made of 100 % cotton , non toxic , non irritating ,  soft and comfortable mask. you can reuse it up to 30 times as the pandemic increases so rapidly we recommend you to use it max 30 times only.

Wash instruction 

Thoroughly wash the mask in soap and warm water and leave it to dry in the sun for at least 5 hours.



  1. Clean your hand with soap and water or hand sanitizer. do not wear without hand wash.
  2. Hold the mask by ear loops place a loop around each ear
  3. pull the bottom of the mask over your mouth and chin

Best cloth mask online India 2021



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