Best boAt Rockerz 450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone India 2020

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Top best BoAt Rockerz 450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone india 2020

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  • Tap into instant wireless connectivity
  • optimum Bluetooth V4.2 connectivity.
  • Its 40mm dynamic drivers 
  • pump out immersive HD audio all day long.
  • The 300mAh battery capacity
  • offers a nonstop superior playback time of up to 8 Hours
  • It has been ergonomically designed
  • structured as an on-ear headphone
  • comfortable padded earcushions and lightweight design
  • You can control your music without hiccups
  • communicate seamlessly using the built-in mic,
  • access voice assistant and always stay in the zone
  • One can connect two modes, Bluetooth as well as AUX


Top best BoAt Rockerz 450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone india 2020

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BoAt Rockerz 450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

BoAt Rockerz 450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Up to 8H Playback,Adaptive Lightweight Design, Immersive Audio, Easy Access Controls and Dual Mode Compatibility

boAt Rockerz 450 is an on-ear wireless headset that has been ergonomically designed to meet the needs of music lovers. The headphones come equipped with Bluetooth for instant wireless connectivity. Top Wireless Bluetooth Headphone under 1500 India 2020

Top Wireless Bluetooth Headphone under 1500 powerful 300mAh battery provides a playtime of up to 8 hours for an extended audio bliss. Its 40mm dynamic drivers help supply immersive musical experience to the user with immersive sound.

The user can utilize the headset via dual connectivity in the form of Bluetooth and AUX.

The ergonomically styled on-ear headphone is equipped with adjustable comfortable earcups to provide that ultimate comfortable listening time

Today, we’re gonna be looking at the Top Wireless Bluetooth Headphone under 1500 India 2020 . Let’s first look at the build of the Headphones. The main body of the headphones is made out of a black plastic. The ear cups are made out of the black plastic with a glossy boat logo in the middle.

The padding is covered in a soft plastic outer, which doesn’t make them the softest or the most comfortable. The fact that the padding is not particularly soft also contributes to the earcups not moulding well to your ear and not feeling particularly comfortable overall

especially with them being on ear headphones. The headband is the same hard plastic as the outer body of the ear cups. The headband has no padding to it. This causes the headphones to not be able to mould well to the shape of your head and may make them hard to wear for prolonged periodsof time.

The advantage in this however is that the headphones remain fairly lightweight and thin. The earcups themself can swivel about 110 degrees, as well as folding inwards about 45 degrees to help the headphones feel a littlebit more compact for transportation but due to the hard plastic of the headband, it is still not particularly compact.

The buttons on the bottom of the headphonesare also plastic. So overall the headphones are a lot of plasticand sort of feel cheap but they are fairly sturdy. For the build, I give these headphones a 2.5out of 5. The headphones run off bluetooth 4.0 and the bluetooth connection between the headphonesand my phone has been fairly good. It connects easily to devices most of thetime.

I have had a few problems when connecting to a new device but that is mainly because it takes some time for a device to recognise it, but once it does, it continues to connect easily and quickly.

The range of the device is fairly good. I found that most of the time that I was using the headphones, I had my phone on me anyway so range was not an issue. There was one major issues with the connection though. I found that when I was playing games on myphone that the game audio was a bit delayed and in some games, made me change to a pairof wired earphones.

I didn’t experience this problem when watching videos, just playing games. I haven’t tested them with gaming througha computer however. The headphones include 32mm drivers.

The audio quality is fairly good. The headphones were tuned towards the bassy side throughTop Wireless Bluetooth Headphone under 1500 Pure Bass technology, which for me sounded great in music but not so goodwhen listening to videos or other more speech focused content.

I did feel that they missed the mark whenit came to High and Middle frequency tuning as they dont feel as powerful as they couldbe but that is a matter of opinion.

If you don’t like a large amount of bass,the sound might be hard to get used to, and for the people that like alot of bass, these might not be the best considering the lack of tuning on the other frequencies. That said,

The audio quality is quite good, especially for the price tag . The website and box of these headphones claim about 8 hours of battery life. These headphones were impressive . I guess there are positives in that you won’t forget that it is going flat but just know the headphones won’t really be usable in the last half an hour of battery life.

For the functionality, I give them a 5 out of 5.  As I previously stated, once connected, the headphones do a great job at reconnectingto a device. This causes the time between picking up the device and enjoying content to be a lot shorter, making the use of the headphones not much different to a pair of normal cabled headphones.

Talking about cables, the headphones don’t have a 3.5mm auxiliary jack, which is disappointing to me because that means that once the headphonesgo flat, you need to stop using them to charge them. This is not helped by the placement of themicro-usb charging port.

The port is placed at the top of the right earcup. So you have to take off the headphones to charge them. The buttons are placed on the backside of the right earcup which works really well for me being right handed but it shouldn’t be too bad a placement for people that are left handed.You press the top button to turn the volume up and the bottom one to lower the volume. When you hold those buttons, they skip orgo back a track.

This is a really good implementation as weare used to pressing to change the volume on our phones. I personally like this alot more than havingto hold down to change the volume. The button in between the two volume buttonsis used to pause and play music. You also hold that button down to put theheadphones in pairing mode.

It is a bit difficult to distinguish between the volume buttons and play and pause button. It could have been better if the play andpause button had a glossy finish because it takes a bit longer to make sure that you are clicking the right button. Over all I give the headphones a 5 out of5 for ease of use.

ValueThese headphones are definitely great for the price. If you are looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones for your new phone, because it has no headphone jack, these are great. I think, fora pair of headphones for that purpose. There are definitely better headphones on the market if you care alot for audio quality.

However, these headphones work great for enjoying music casually. and for anyone that is looking for a pair of headphones that canwork well for all purposes but they are definitely not terrible at what they are made to do.

boat is a well known name in the sound industry,so they have had a lot of experience working with sound and you probably won’t be disappointedwith these headphones for casual use.


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