October 11, 2020

Top 10 best modular kitchen accessories must have in kitchen

Top 10 best modular kitchen accessories must have in kitchen

topic-Top 10 best modular kitchen accessories must have in kitchen

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We use it whether it’s every single day or at least every single week. The things that I just find the most common that I grab and use in everyday life and cooking. So I’m hopeful that you guys find this post helpful.

modular kitchen accessories

my first one is my high powered blender. I think that a high powered blender is one of the best things that you can have in your kitchen. I use mine multiple times a day. I have the Vitamix A3500. But I also have tried Blendtecs, which also work really well. I just personally like Vitamix. I think they blend smoother.


 But I am a strong, strong believer in having a high powered blender. I think that they are one of the most useful tools in a kitchen and I can’t imagine living without mine. read more Top 10 best modular kitchen accessories must have in kitchen



modular kitchen accessories


Number two is a high quality chef knife. I actually have two. I have a Wusthof as well as a Global. I like my Global because it is very light and the handle is very small. I find it really easy to hold. 


I think that they work really well for women’s hands actually. And we also have a Wusthof knife which I just got on Amazon. These two are definitely on the pricier side, but they are amazing and I think they are a must have. 


Number three is a knife sharpener. I actually don’t use this all that frequently but I wanted to include it right next to the knives because I think that having sharp knives is actually one of the best things that you can do, and making sure that you sharpen your knives and making sure that they remain sharp is really great, 


and it helps just make sure that cutting is easier. So this is just a handheld sharpener and they work really well. We try to do this on a semi-regular basis.

modular kitchen accessories 


Number four is a fish spatula. I actually only recently purchased one of these and I love it. It is my go-to spatula. The reason why they work really well is because it is really thin, but it’s also long. 


So if you’re flipping things like pancakes or you’re flipping basically anything, they are amazing. I absolutely love them. This one was only like seven bucks and I use it all the time.

modular kitchen accessories

 Number five is a mandolin slicer. I use my mandolin slicer alot for things like salads. I use it for zucchini all the time. You guys have seen me use this million times in videos. I love the one that I have. 


This is actually the one that I recommend to everyone. It has an adjustable setting. It comes with different tools that you can insert and cut different cuts. And it just works so well. Stays super sharp and I love it. 

modular kitchen acccessories

Number six is a zester or a microplane. I have this long one from Microplane. I also have the shorter one but I like the longer one better. I use it obviously to zest lemon. You can use it to great vegan cheese or regular cheese.


 I use them all the time and I just think it’s one of those things that is a really useful tool to have on hand using to grate garlic. Also, ginger is really great and it’s fairly small so you can just keep it in a drawer. 


Number seven is my food processor. I don’t use my food processor all that much but it is something that Ithink everyone should have. They’re so great and so useful. I have the Cuisinart 11 cup one. I use it to make nut butters.


 I use it to make energy balls. Obviously you guys have seen me use this a million times and I always get questions about what you wanna use so I will link it down below and I love the 11 cup size. I think it works great. 

Number eight is a citrus juicer. I love citrus juicers. I think that squeezing lemon is one of the most annoying things. So having a citrus juicer is a really great way to make my margaritas. We use it to squeeze lemon for dressings. We just use these all the time. So this is one again that’s super cheap and you can just keep in a drawer. 

Number nine are mini spatulas. I use these mostly in my videos, but I have found that they are really great to just have in the kitchen, whether you’re trying to scoop things out of a jar or you’re trying to scoop something out of your blender. 


I just like having little spatulas on hand because they can get into little crevices and these come in two pairs. They’re also super inexpensive. 

Number 10 is a cookie scoop. I use cookie scoops obviously, mostly to scoop cookies. But you can use them to make energy balls. You can use them to do melons or scoop anything out like that. Mostly what I love is that they make uniform cookies every single time. 


These are my top 10 kitchen tools and they’re the things I think every kitchen needs and I have placed them in priority. So if you’re looking for where to invest or where to start, this is what I recommend .

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