October 26, 2020

Top 5 best kitchen chimney brand under 15000 Buying Guide India 2021

Top 5 best chimney for kitchen under 15000 Buying Guide India

5 best chimney for kitchen under Brand 15000 Buying Guide India 2020

topic- Top 5 best kitchen chimney brand under 15000 Buying Guide India 2021

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Chimney is an essential appliance in the kitchen When you cook, it helps remove smoke, fumes , steam, odors and heat as well as to help absorb and trap grease  from your kitchen so that it doesn’t end up on your walls, cabinets and appliances it stays neat and tidy so that cabinets and shelves stay clean. here We put all brand of chimney for Home kitchen read more

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Points to remember before you buy chimney:-

  • First check if the service is available or not in your area.
  • Choose the size of chimney according to your gas stove size
  • Choose the suction capacity of the chimney according to your kitchen size.
  • Select filter type
  • Select the type of best kitchen chimney brand , better go for “wall mounted auto-clean ducting chimney without filter” which is more convenient for long time and has low maintenance cost.

top 5 best chimney

1 – Hindware nevio 90 auto clean chimney

  • Nevio chimney comes with in silver color body.
  • It is power by 230 volt and 180 watts capacity.
  • It provides thermal auto cleaning system
  • Advance oil collector as per different cooking habits.
  • Hind ware Nevio chimney is loaded with a powerful motor
  • It takes low power consumption and low noise. 
  • Type: Curved Glass, Wall Mounted, Color: SS, Metallic Blower
  • Size: 90 cm, Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr Filter: Baffle Filter,
  • Control Type: Touch Control, Water Auto Clean

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Hindware nevio 90 auto clean chimney


Self clean – Cleo 90 Chimney is a Unique Blend of Futuristic design and Cutting edge technology that ensures a healthy and smoke-free kitchen. Equipped with self-cleaning technology, Hindware Cleo 90 ensures hassle-free cooking and lets you enjoy a smoke-free cooking experience.

Durability – The Metal blower in Hindware Cleo ensures maximum suction and durability.The metal blowers are connected to a duct system, ensuring a clean and odourless kitchen environment.

Motion control – Touch control allows the user to discreetly and conveniently operate the induction cook top without any hassles. Chimneys from the house of Hindware Appliances are also highly energy-efficient.

Features of hindware chimney

  • Hindware Cleo 90 is a Water Auto Clean Innovation that ensures Hassle-Free Cooking experience
  • The chimney comes fitted with stainless steel baffle filters along with a powerful motor that ensures smoke-free cooking in a healthy & fresh kitchen
  • Comprises of an impressive suction capacity as high as 1200 m3/hr, Cleo 60 effortlessly sucks in the harmful gases out of your kitchen and offers a fresh kitchen environment
  • Two LED lamps with a large illumination area makes it easier to view counter tops & consume less power
  • Touch Controls on the front panel provides ease of operation in the kitchen
  • Hindware Cleo comes with a long-lasting sturdy oil collector that is easy to clean and can store a lot of remaining oil & residues
  • best kitchen chimney brand
top 5 best chimney

2-Bright Flame Kitchen Chimney

  • Bright Flame Kitchen Chimney -Z-Black has three speed feather
  • touch push button for speed control.
  • It comes with metal body in black color.
  • It also comes with 230 watts motor.
  • its noise level is very low.
  • It provides adjustable speed control and even,
  • this kitchen Chimney compatible with gas stove and induction. 

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  • Glen 60 75 SS BF comes with silver in color with stainless steel body.
  • It also comes with inbuilt two 40 watt light sin designer hood make your kitchen more bright.
  • It provides 375 static pressure baffle filter with
  • its 145 watt powerful Italian motor for lower noise and longer life.
  • All the wires, housing & components made with flame retardant and low smoke ingredients. 
  • Suction Capacity: 1000 m3/hr (For kitchen size 100-150 sqft and medium frying/grilling)
  • Filter: Baffle Filters| Control Type: Push button control | Max noise (dB): 58

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Design – The Glen 6071 Black Designer Kitchen Chimney is a sleek modern design with the strength of toughened glass. It comes with Stainless Steel baffle filter which is easy to clean and lasts a life time.

Power –The 155 w Powerful 100% copper winding motor with Thermal overload protector ensures that in case of overheating motor doesn’t burnout.

It comes with a Life Time Warranty. The push button controls are easy to operate.

Suction capacity – The powerful 1000 m3/h suction throws the smoke from the pan to outdoors and ensures that your kitchen is odor-free and the walls are clean of any grime. It has 2 LED lamps to brighten up the cooking area.


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top 5 best chimney

Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney


  • Filters – Easy to clean, heavy-duty stainless-steel baffle filter
  • Control Panel – Easy to use, push-button controls on the front panel
  • Finish – Highly durable, rust-free construction with black powder-coated finish
  • Motor Comes with plastic housing & pure copper winding that ensure longer working life 
  • Maximum Suction Capacity – 1100 m3/h
  • Lights – Dual LED lights to illuminate a larger area
  • Package Inclusions – 1 No. Sunflame BELLA 60 Black Chimney

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Bring home the Sunflame BELLA 60 BK, 60cm model, a perfect cooker hood with a combination of performance, looks, and technology.

Easy clean – It comes fitted with easy to clean, heavy-duty stainless-steel baffle filters, which works efficiently forcing oil & other residues to settle inside the baffle, letting only the air move freely in between the filters.

Suction capacity – Its high-efficiency 190 w motor is the heart of the chimney, which gives a powerful suction of 1100 cubic meter/hr.

NOice free Design – The unique design holds the Motor and Twin Turbine in place whilst absorbing any vibrations they create. This allows the fan to spin much faster while still maintaining a very steady and quiet operation level up to 58 dB.

It is equipped with easy to operate, user-friendly push-button control buttons on the front panel.

The control panel lets you control and operate the light and different speed levels enabling the ease of operation to create a perfect environment in the kitchen.

Sunflame BELLA features

  • Equipped with high-efficiency stainless steel baffle filter
  • The chimneys come with energy-efficient LED appointments to keep your kitchen bright and heat-free, unlike the halogen alternatives
  • The noise level is up to 58 dB
  • The intelligent push-button controls will offer you maximum comfort and convenience
  • Comes in a compact, sleek and beautiful design that complements the interiors of your kitchen.
  • Airflow volume 1100 cubic meter/hr; Unique centrifugal fan design; Powerful motor
  • best kitchen chimney brand in india

5 – Faber 60 cm 1200 m³/hr angular Kitchen Chimney 

  • Type: Curved glass, Wall mounted,
  • Heat Auto-Clean chamber
  • Material type : Black finish with curved glass : Colour: Black
  • Size: 60 cm(2-4 burner stove for wall mounted chimneys)
  • Suction Capacity: 1200 m3/hr
  • Filter Surface Area: 52 x 30 cm sq.
  • Control Type: Touch and Gesture
  • Max noise(dB): 58 | Lamp – LED 2 x1.5 watt
  • Heat Auto-Clean Technology with Oil collector.

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Heat Auto Clean Technology- Faber Everest model is a Heat Auto clean chimney with oil Collector which comes Filterless technology. Packed with Metal Blower and high capacity motore gives a powerful suction of 1200 m3/hr.

Easy maintenance- Hood Everest comes with assurance of easy maintenance and ease to use, wherein you do not need to spend more time in Chimney cleaning process.

Motion Gesture –Its Unique Gesture Control control feature gives you the freedom of operating without touching the control panel.

Faber Chimney is perfect combination of performance, looks and technology. The chimney comes with 5 years warranty on motor & rotor from the manufactured, with 1 year comprehensive warranty.


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Faber 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Heat Auto Clean Chimney 

  • Filterless Chimney is next generation of Auto-clean Chimney
  • Faber chimney comes with higher suction power of 1200m3/h
  • Gesture  controls chimney without direct physical contact.
  • Auto clean helps in getting rid of oil particles itself with one touch
  • it enables ease of operation with just one touch

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Which type of kitchen chimney is best ?

If you want to keep your kitchen clean or hygiene,if you want to take care of your kitchen, the type of chimney which we talk about above is best for your kitchen.

Most of the people looking for brands and these brands are very popular Hindware ,Glen , Elica ,Feber or sunflame are top chimney brands in world if we talk about performance these are fast and noise free.

The best way to get effective air removals to purchase a hood that is at least as wide as the cooking surface and deep enough to cover the back burners and at least half of the front burners. Shallower hoods should be mounted closer to the cooktop surface read more Top5 best kitchen chimney under 15000 Buying Guide India 2021

Which chimney is best auto clean or manual?

Elica, Faber or Hindware brand is known for auto clean technology. This is an effort or time saving facility which is good for home kitchens.Also keeping in mind their after sale service finishes with auto clean technology.

For the manual kitchen chimneys, the price is low. best chimney for small kitchen However, the charges for maintenance can be higher as it has to be cleaned from time to time ,These are some of the benefits of using the auto clean chimney.

Both chimneys provide benefits to the users; however, the auto-clean appliances offer more advantages than the manual ones.

Top 5 best kitchen chimney brand in india

Filterless Chimney is next generation of Auto-clean Chimney.With no filters, Filterless chimney ensures truly No Cleaning hassles, which make it’s consumable and maintenance cost zero. Motor position inside chimney makes clear path for smoke and air.

Suction power refers to the consumption of oil and smoke particles while you are cooking in your kitchen. Faber chimney comes with higher suction power of 1200m3/h , which helps you to cook your food easily and peacefully.

Gesture control is the ability to recognize and interpret movements of the human body in order to interact. It controls chimney without direct physical contact.

Chimney makes your kitchen oil and smoke free. Auto clean helps in getting rid of oil particles itself with one touch. It prevents oil and grease particles which affect the suction power of chimney. As oil is store in the oil collector which increase the life span and also reduces to clean the filters frequently.

With Touch Control, it enables ease of operation with just one touch and makes your kitchen hood an easy and effortless product to use.

Lesser noise level to give you a calm environment in your kitchen. You can focus on your cooking without any disturbance.

Faber is the worldwide leader in Kitchen hoods, with headquarter in Italy and state-of-art manufacturing facility in India. We are the company who created the Chimney/Hoods. Faber is the 1st Company in the Hoods sector worldwide to be certified as corresponding to the ISO 9001 .Faber is a household name when it comes to Kitchen essentials – Hoods, Hobs, Cooktop or built-in appliances. We at Faber are committed to Quality and Safety to our consumers. All Faber hoods conform to European safety standards (EC marks of conformity), and have been certified by IMQ, a reliable, independent organization further guaranteeing clients on quality .Our Design is faithful to the Principal: “Form Follows Function”. It’s our way of creating Kitchen appliances that meet your actual needs, both Practical and Aesthetics.





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